Class 6: Emulating indicators

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500 pcs / box

ISO11140-1:2005 Type 6

134°C-3.5 min/121°C-15 min


Emulating indicators are cycle verification indicators which shall be designed to react to all critical variables for specified sterilization cycles. The SVs are generated from the critical variables of the
specified sterilization process.

Emulating Indicators can be used as internal Chemical Indicators for pack control. Emulating Indicators are specified for specific sterilization cycles which means an end user will need to inventory a different Class 6 Emulating Indicator for each sterilization cycle time and temperature (e.g. 3 min and 15 min) run in the facility.
The response of a Class 6 Emulating Indicator does not necessarily correlate to a Biological Indicator.

Product Features:

  • Steam emulator conform to ISO 11140 – Type 6.
  • Clear color transition from Yellow into Black.
  • Non-Toxic / Lead Free.